Frequently Asked Questions

No matter how much information you put out, some questions will remain. We are looking forward to helping you out. However, before reaching out to us, please check the below list of the most frequently asked questions. This will give us more time to answer specifics and save you time waiting for our reply.

General Matter

Who founded SSII?

SSII is a joint venture by ZNFrontier and COCOSpace Investment.

ZNFrontier is Singapore’s leading China business.

COCOSpace Investment is China’s leading venture capitalist and co-working space operator.

What is the mission of SSII?

SSII’s mission is to educate, inspire and empower founders to apply new technologies to address the challenges in the economy.

We believe that by bringing together high-impact startups, investors, operations and government agencies, we can better help startups build sustainable and scalable businesses.

Who steers the company?

Our Board consists of three members. Each Board member is responsible for a major business area within the company.

WEI Feng is the Chairman of the Board and strategic guidance.

Jay TEO is SSII CEO effective September 1, 2019.

LOK Yek Soon is responsible for Global Operations.

Which and where are the most important locations of SSII?

Singapore is the headquarters of SSII.

Other major locations include:
1. Shanghai
2. Jiangsu
3. Suzhou
4. Wuxi
5. Yancheng