About SSII

SSII is a joint venture between ZNFrontier and COCOSpace Capital .

Our headquarters is in Singapore.

Our Vision

At SSII, our vision is clear. We want to help you grow your startups into sustainable and scalable businesses.

We like to invest early in startups that have an interest in having China as a beachhead market. In addition to our investment, we offer access to great talent and work with our portfolio companies to bring on additional capital from the right investors when the time is right.

Operating in 2 countries with nine offices in the fast-growing Yangtze River Delta economic zone, we work alongside startups, helping them shape their business models and accelerate their go-to-market.

Our Network

Our portfolio companies also benefit from access to our network of partners and investors. We are hands-on in helping you build sustainable and scalable businesses.

SSII has nine centres with more than 300,000 sqm of office under management across the fast-growing Yangtze River Delta (长三角) economic zone. 

Through these centres, we are well-positioned to support your startup’s growth in China’s new growing economic zone.