SSII BuildRight is a business framework that guides you in building your company with the right measuring metrics in mind.

What do startups get from the BuildRight program?

The goal of BuildRight is to help you achieve revenue traction.

Many startups that launched has failed to gain traction. They face significant risks leading to lower valuations, higher financial risks and lost market opportunities.

The SSII BuildRight framework focus on helping you plan for your product life cycle, company’s branding and market positioning, sales pipeline and revenue traction to stay ahead of the competition.

BuildRight Services

Companies accepted into our BuildRight Services program gain access to all StartRight Services and a range of tailored services.

Who You Are

  • Have a product in the market with strong customer demand
  • Building go-to-market capabilities or advanced product trials with input from key partners
  • Have raised or could raise series A investment for initial deployments

What You Get

  • Advice on capital, sales, marketing, talent and recruitment, and regulatory
  • 1:1 expert mentorship
  • Connections to investors, customers and partners
  • Growth Marketing and sales programming
  • Media and PR promotion
  • Referrals to SSII Ventures Accelerator Fund
  • Peer-to-peer events; event news, discounts and speaking opportunities
  • Curated newsletter with exclusive offers

Product-market Fit

A well-developed product comes from a proper understanding of market opportunities and key customer segments. We help startups develop systems that track key indicators like Optimize Lifetime Value (LTV) to Customer Acquisition to help you identify your key customer segments.

Mentors Support

Startups fail because they do not have a complete management team to grow the company. We help you identify gaps in your current team, and develop a comprehensive strategy to address the issues regarding your extended team including the Board of Directors, Advisory Board and Products Council.

Revenue Traction

We want to help grow your revenue by developing a sustainable business model and improving customer usage and retention to ensure that you have the capital to grow.

What we offer

Among our many services, SSII supported companies receive:

Access to investors

Connect with like-minded VCs, funds and investors from around the world.

Connect with partners

Build valuable relationships with potential customers, corporates, governments and fellow startups.

Advisory Support

Benefit from expert advice for all aspect of your business.

SSII BuildRight is designed to help you build sustainable and scalable business.

We hope to be the most preferred partner for your early-stage startups.