SSII Ventures

Today, more than 42% of startups failed to build a product that the market needs.

At SSII, we want to help you find your market niche, build a scalable business model around it and raise the necessary funds for the next phase of your business.

SSII's CEO Jay TEO and COO LOK Yek Soon

SSII hopes to be the most preferred partner for your early-stage startups.

LOK Yek Soon
SSII | Shaping Startups, Inspiring Innovations

What we offer

Among our many services, SSII supported companies receive:

Access to investors

Connect with like-minded VCs, funds and investors from around the world.

Connect with partners

Build valuable relationships with potential customers, corporates, governments and fellow startups.

Advisory Support

Benefit from expert advice for all aspect of your business.

Our incubation program helps you find the right product-market fit, access capital and accelerate your go-to-market.

We help startups grow and succeed.

From startups to scale-ups, SSII offers a range of services that help tech founders grow their companies and create meaningful innovation.
We work with startups to help them gain access to funding, accelerate their growth through our incubation and network and hire great talents to build sustainable and scalable businesses.