WEI Feng (魏锋)
Chairman, SSII Pte Ltd

Mr WEI Feng is the Chairman of SSII Pte Ltd and is also the Founding Partner of COCO Investments, COCOSpace and the executive dean of Shanghai Lingang International Artificial Intelligence Lab (Slailab).

He was voted 2019 Forbes China’s Best Venture Capitalist and China’s Best Angel Investor 2018.

Prior to this WEI Feng was a former vice president of Zhang Jianghan Century (张江汉世纪) and a partner of Ivy Capital. He is also a member of the Tsinghua Entrepreneurs Association (TEEC), the vice-chairman of the Lujiazui Equity Investment Alliance, the vice-chairman of the Angel Investment Professional Committee of the Hubei Venture Capital Association Vice President of the Venture Capital and Equity Investment Industry Association, Shanghai Jinqiao Internet Venture Service China Director.

He brings with him expertise as an experienced senior executive in global companies as well as an entrepreneur.

The investment projects in the TMT field include 安硕信息 (300380), 百事通信息 (834055), 新致软件、钛马车联网、韦尔股份 (603501), Anwha Automation (昂华自动化) 、天下房仓、佩琪HR etc.

In addition to the TMT field, we also pay attention to environmental protection and energy conservation. Investment projects include Danone environmental protection equipment and Degut energy-saving equipment.

WEI Feng expertise is in strategic consulting, market planning and enterprise innovation.

Mr Wei Feng holds a Bachelor of Engineering and a Master of Engineering from Tsinghua University.