SSII Pte. Ltd. forms SSII Alliance Ecosystem to help startups accelerate go-to-market

A network of partnerships complements the firm’s capabilities and expertise

Singapore – May 7, 2020

SSII Pte. Ltd. has launched the SSII Alliance Ecosystem – a network of partnerships with complementary tool, technology, and service providers – to help startups accelerate their go-to-market strategies.

As new technologies and digital innovations accelerate the pace of change across industries, startups must develop and implement new go-to-market strategies faster than ever before. Relevant new capabilities must be evaluated, prototyped, and scaled as part of the process, so the strategy is to be informed by what’s possible and enabled by what’s practical.

To meet this need, SSII partners with best-of-breed tool, technologies, and service providers that complement its services. SSII teams deploy these partnerships to be able to work faster and smarter. In the process, SSII clients experience relevant new capabilities, enabling faster assimilation of new ideas, skills, and ways of working. SSII Alliance Ecosystem members put their capabilities into action as integral enablers of strategy development and implementation. Working together, we go farther faster, executing breakthrough innovation, growth, and efficiency initiatives at unprecedented speed for our clients.

Forging partnerships enable SSII to stay focused to its mission – accelerating start-ups’ go-to-market business – while incorporating cutting-edge innovations from other industries in its offerings.

“The startup landscape is changing rapidly,” said LOK Yek Soon, who leads the SSII Alliance Ecosystem. “It is imperative that we develop and deploy new capabilities with clients as part of our strategy work, not after the fact.”

The SSII Alliance Ecosystem complements SSII’s capabilities and expertise in three areas: Advisory support, Access to investors, and Connections to partners. The Ecosystem consists of more than 20 alliance partners and preferred vendors in these areas of focus, with over 30 additional partners and vendors in the pilot.

For example, SSII’s Cross Border Incubation (CBI) provides teams with incubation and startup solution providers to deliver Cross Border Incubation (CBI) programs. SSII teams quickly land startups in the selected markets and work with startups with solutions and processes that scale rapidly throughout their businesses.

Other examples of SSII Alliance Ecosystem members making a difference for SSII clients include unstructured data analysis tools, marketing platforms, workplace analytics tools, and supply chain optimization platforms. Ecosystem members have been deployed at more than 9 locations in China, across a broad range of industries, capabilities, and geographies. Adoption is accelerating rapidly among SSII teams and clients, as the list of client success stories grows longer.

“Through the SSII Alliance Ecosystem, startups have access to enhanced offerings that deliver better results – faster,” said Jay TEO, CEO of SSII.

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